• News/Events
  • For this seventh session of the One World ABC Seminar, Chris Drovandi from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) will talk about "Improving Bayesian Synthetic Likelihood via Transformations".
  • EIT Health submitted a contribution to the European Commission to  inform ongoing discussions related to their Data Strategy and AI White Paper. Prof. Théodore Christakis represents the Grenoble Alpes University (MIAI and Grenoble Alpes Data Institute) in the EIT Health Consultative Group.
  • The Lyon 1 and Grenoble Alpes university libraries are pleased to announce the launch of the datacc.org site, which offers a support service on data management in physics and chemistry. This site was developed in partnership with the 'INIST and DoraNum as part of a CollEx-Persée project.
  • Samia Ounoughi is a senior lecturer of the Laboratory of Linguistics in the LIDILEM laboratoy. She is working on discourse analysis about the Alps. She is involved in the Labex ITEM and the Démarre SHS ! project.


Grenoble Alpes Data Institute

An interdisciplinary research Institute on how data change science and society

The Grenoble Alpes Data Institute aims to undertake groundbreaking interdisciplinary research focusing on how data change science and society.

It combines three fields of data-related research in a unique way: data science applied to spatial and environmental sciences, biology, and health sciences; data-driven research as a major tool in Social Sciences and Humanities; and studies about data governance, security and the protection of data and privacy.
Data-driven innovation is a key pillar of 21st-century growth and will significantly enhance scientific progress, economic competitiveness and social well-being.

The Grenoble Alpes Data Institute is created in a timely manner in order to undertake promising data-related research on strategic fields including climate change, space, health, the protection of freedom and security of European citizens, and the promotion of innovative societies.