Data Institute Seminar: Computational methods for system biology

on the January 25, 2019

From 2:00 pm
Maxime Folschette (LS2N , Nantes) will give a talk on "Computational methods for system biology". The event will take place on January 25th from 2 pm in Pavillon Taillefer, room R32.
The quickly growing amount of available biological data raises many problems related to efficiently using them: How to take advantage of the available signaling databases in order to extract new knowledge? What methods can be used to study a large dynamical model? Starting from dynamical behavior data of a biological system, how to perform model inference or completion?

During this seminar, I will present my works related to these topics, applied to several biological systems, among them:
* the Hepatocellular Carcinoma, which is the most widespread and lethal form of liver cancer: we want to understand the causes of its proliferation;
* the Circadian cycle, or “cellular clock”: we want to reproduce its day-night cycle behavior in a model;
* other models such as the Epithelial Growth Factor Receptor: we can study its dynamics using computational approximations despite its large size.

Published on January 24, 2019

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Pavillon Taillefer - room R32
5 avenue du Grand Sablon, La Tronche