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Call for application - Data@UGA

"Cross Disciplinary Program" (CDP) Project
The Grenoble Data Institute project aims to undertake groundbreaking interdisciplinary research focusing on how data change science and society.

The DATA@UGA project will create the Grenoble Data Institute and conduct five interdisciplinary research actions. It combines three fields of data-related research in a unique way: data science applied to spatial and environmental sciences, biology, and health sciences; data-driven research as a major tool in Social Sciences and Humanities; and studies about data governance and the protection of data and privacy. 


The challenges

The amazing number of data sets and their increasing accessibility create a giant opportunity for science, economic growth and societal progress with the condition that we will be able to extract value from this flood of information. The project will promote data science applications to concrete scientific problems, while simultaneously raising awareness on how personal data is owned, accessed, used and protected.


Data-related research is undoubtedly the scientific field where the need for interdisciplinary research appears compelling.  A core ambition of the project is to leverage theoretical research in data science to make actionable tools for addressing concrete scientific and societal challenges. The five WPs involve dozens of researchers coming from 15 research structures (AEGIS, CECISE, GIN, GIPSA-lab, IAB, LARHRA, LIDILEM, LIG, LISTIC, LITT & ARTS, LJK, LUHCIE, OSUG, PACTE, TIMC-IMAG).

International visibility

We are only at the beginning of the data-driven transformation of the world that will affect science and society. The project will give the opportunity to researchers and to our partners to share good practices and methodologies for data analysis, data sharing and for addressing legitimate concerns about data privacy and protection.

Data-driven innovation is a key pillar of 21st-century growth and will significantly enhance scientific progress, economic competitiveness and social well-being. The Grenoble Data Institute is created in a timely manner in order to undertake promising data-related research on strategic fields such as climate change, space, health, the protection of freedom and security of European citizens and the promotion of innovative societies.

The creation of the Grenoble Data Institute will give to the scientific community of the COMUE Grenoble Alpes a unique positioning as a national leader on interdisciplinary studies related to data-driven research and the protection and ethics of data. The interdisciplinary and all-encompassing character of our Data Institute will permit to develop collaborations with business actors and with foreign Institutes specialised on data-related issues, high-ranking universities, public institutions and international organizations.

Published on March 9, 2017