Internship opportunity at IRIG CEA Grenoble

Internship subject: Image data analysis workflows for large datasets from synchrotron micro-Laue experiments

Academic profile: The intern should be a M1 student or equivalent, with python proficiency and an interest in collaborating with experimental physicists. A background in large dataset processing would be an asset

Where: The  internship  will  take  place  in  the “Nanostructures  et  Rayonnement  Synchrotron” (NRS) team  of  the “Institut de Recherche Interdisciplinaire de Grenoble” (IRIG) at the CEA-Grenoble, and beamline BM32 at the ESRF. It will involve collaborations with colleagues from the Institut Néel, CNRS and ESRF.

When: The 4 months internship can start anytime butmust end by May 2021.


published on July 15, 2020