7th R-in-Grenoble working session

on the March 15, 2018

March, 15th, from 16:00 to 18:00
The seventh working session of the Grenoble R community will be about Rcpp. Drinks and snacks are served during the second part of the session.

Each month, the Grenoble R-group organizes one working session of 2 hours, on Thursdays, from 16h-18h, at the IMAG building.

Everyone is welcome from beginners to advanced R users. Participants just need to bring their laptop. Presentations or tutorials will last 30 to 60 min, on R topics that can be useful to many people, with practical examples. During the second part of the session, specific problems encountered by participants when coding in R will be discussed.

Drinks and snacks will be shared during the second part of the session.


March 15, 2018: Rcpp

Your code isn't fast enough? We will see how to make simple Rcpp code to accelerate your code. We will see that Rcpp is useful for loops, for avoiding copies, etc. We will also see that Rcpp isn't always faster than an optimized R code. Finally, we will see how to integrate some Rcpp code to your packages and notebooks.

By F. Privé & A. Arnaud

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If you wish to share your R experience during a working session and/or to co-animate a working session, please contact the team.


Published on February 13, 2018

Practical informations


at the IMAG building, ground floor.