Data Club: 1st seminar

on the February 28, 2018

February, 28th, from 16:00 to 18:00
The Data Club is opened to PhD candidates, master degree students and post-docs working in the data field. For this first session of the Data Club, Carlos Gomez will talk about "Academic data science: conducting research at the interface of different disciplines". Drinks are served during the second part of the session.

Each month, the Data Club organizes one working session of 2 hours, on Wednesdays, from 4:00 to 6:00, at the IMAG building.

Presentations made by young researchers will last 30 to 40 min, on Data topics that can be useful to many people. It will be followed by 20 min for discussion. Then, we will have 1 hour for refreshment and network.
We welcome potential speakers for the monthly talks. If you are interested, please contact Ferielle Podgorski


February 28: "Academic data science: conducting research at the interface of different disciplines" by Carlos Gomez

The proliferation of Data Science Institutes/Centers within major universities is tightly connected to the explosion of “data science” in industry and business during the the past few years. What was a buzzword not long ago might have a transformative effect in modern science. One of the main goals of these institutes, such as our own at the UGA, is to foster frequent and long-lasting collaborations between different fields: sociology, astronomy, geophysics among others, on one hand, and computer science, machine learning, statistics on the other.

During the first half of my presentation, I will describe my work on image analysis and machine learning for astronomy, and the study of extra-solar planets via direct imaging. I will show how my doctoral thesis has been enabled by an interdisciplinary approach from day one. Then, I will discuss the many challenges that, from my point of view, we face as academic data scientists working at the interface of several disciplines. Finally, I will conclude by listing some of the exciting opportunities that data science opens for us, young researchers, and our future (perhaps academic) careers.

Slides of the presentation

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The Data Club will also organize events with companies.

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Published on March 6, 2018

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at the salle des séminaires 1, IMAG building, ground floor.