Data Science Seminar Series : Radu Horaud from INRIA Grenoble

on the October 12, 2017

15:30 to 17:30
The Data Science Seminar Series bring high profile researchers to Université Grenoble Alpes to show the increasing role of data science in modern research. It is open to all researchers of Université Grenoble Alpes. For the first seminar, we will welcome Radu Horaud from INRIA Grenoble.
Radu Horaud from INRIA Grenoble will give a talk on “audio-visual analysis for human-robot interaction”. The event will take place on Thursday 12 October at IM2AG. The event will be followed by a coffee break.

Robots have gradually moved from factory floors to populated spaces. Therefore, there is a crucial need to endow robots with communicative skills. One of the prerequisites of human-robot communication (or more generally, interaction) is the ability of robots to perceive their environment, to detect people, to track them over time, and to identify communicative cues, such as “who looks at whom” and “who speaks to whom”. Therefore we are interested in analysing situations in which several people are present, understand their activities, estimate who speaks and who doesn’t, etc. For that purpose we combine computer vision, audio signal processing and machine learning methods. We will briefly present the research that we carried out within this topic, and stress the importance of learning from sensory data.

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Published on December 18, 2017

Practical informations


Bâtiment IM2AG, Amphi 018, RDC, 60 Rue de la Chimie, campus universitaire de Grenoble