Results of the call for proposals 2020

on the April 15, 2020

The Grenoble Alpes Data Institute launched an interdisciplinary call on ethical, environmental and societal practices and issues of data processing. The committee selected 10 projects.
The Data Institute encourages scientific questions or projects related to the impact of data science on the society and the environment. We launched a call for proposals for internship grants.

10 projects have been selected.

Projects Labs Coordinator Offer
Comparative uses and performances of econometric tools and AI tools for the study of discrete consumption choices GAEL Iragaël Joly Filled offer
Carbon impact of air travel in the academic environment: link between CO2 emissions and academic career  MISTIC (INRIA) and GRICAD (UGA) Alexis Arnaud Link to the offer
 "Predictive justice": discourses and practices around judgment equipped with algorithms for processing court decisions  PACTE Laurence Dumoulin Filled offer
 eSTIMe: Statio-Temporal Exploration of Individual Mobility data  LIG and PACTE Sonia Chardonnel and Michael Ortega  Link to the offer
 Estimated carbon footprint of 1 GB of data storage  GRICAD Françoise Berthoud  Filled offer
 Observing filter bubbles in online shopping  GIPSA LAB Paolo Frasca  Filled offer
 Ceation of a tool to help disseminate information  LJK Rémy Drouilhet Filled offer
 Data analysis workflow for large datasets from synchrotron micro-Laue experiments  NRS team (IRIG) at CEA Samuel Tardif Link to the offer
 LPCV lab carbon print  LPCV (CEA) Gilles Curien Canceled
 AICOM: Analysis of contributory information for the observation of mountain frequentation and practices  PACTE and LJK Paule-Annick Davoine  Canceled

Published on March 23, 2021