Executive Master DATA & Marketing

Aquire and certify skills in data marketing
Businesses are rethinking their strategies in terms of data management. At the centre of these strategical changes is marketing. Acquiring a data science capital is becoming essential for marketers to adopt relevant customer centric approaches.
A new Data Marketer certification

The training program Data and Marketing, delivered by Sciences Po Grenoble and Media Institute, allows professional marketers to upgrade their skills on data science and certify their new expertise in only 10 months.


The program is open to professionals working in the fields of marketing, communications, media studies or digital, with a 4-year degree minimum, from public and private sectors. Other profiles will be considered upon request by Science Po Grenoble.


-    Master data for marketing culture and ecosystem, without being a statistician or a computer scientist
-    Identify businesses needs and resources in terms of data
-    Optimise decision making and actions performances towards data
-    Conceive and lead data projects for marketing
-    Adopt customer centric approaches
-    Conduct or contribute to the implementation of a strategy for data in a company


-    Introduction “Data and Marketing” (MOOC)
-    Think data strategically for marketing
-    Data Science and technological issues
-    Role of data and decision making
-    Data project management and agile methods
-    Issues (ethics, law, security) & critical thinking

Why choose the Data and Marketing program

-    Operational training and learning by doing methods
-    Testimonials and feedbacks from practical experiences of users, providers, and professional data marketers
-    A critical view on data from human and social sciences
-    Site visits
-    Rare and valuable skills acquired
-    Certifying training with a Science Po Grenoble degree
-    A program dedicated to marketing and a rhythm adapted to executives


-    6800€ HT (travels non included)

Schedule and venue

-    19 days in 10 months starting February 2018. Courses in Paris and 6 immersive days in Grenoble.
Published on July 24, 2018