R-in-Grenoble 2018-2019 sessions

R-users group
R-in-Grenoble is the R users community in Grenoble. Anyone is welcome to join to learn about R and exchange with other users on R issues. Monthly working sessions are organised.

Each month, the Grenoble R-group organizes working sessions of 2 hours, one Thursday per month, from 16h-18h, at the IMAG building.

Everyone is welcome from beginners to advanced R users. Participants just need to bring their laptop. Presentations or tutorials will last 30 to 60 min, on R topics that can be useful to many people, with practical examples. During the second part of the session, specific problems encountered by participants when coding in R will be discussed.

Drinks and snacks are served during the second part of the sessions.

Register to the sessions on the R-in-Grenoble website.

Upcoming sessions
Date Title Speakers
September 13, 2018 What R can do for you? F. Privé & team
October 18, 2018 Image processing with package {imager} S. Barthelmé
November 15, 2018 Linear models in R M. Blum
December 6, 2018
Manage your workflow with package {drake} X. Laviron
January 31, 2019
O. François
March 28, 2019
Best coding practices M. Richard
April 11, 2019
R Markdown M. Crispino & J. Arbel
May 16, 2019
Data manipulation with package {dplyr} M. Rolland
June 13, 2019
Data vizualisation with package {ggplot2} M. Rolland

Published on October 14, 2019