News and events

  • 2nd R-in-Grenoble working session
    on the October 19, 2017
    The second working session of the Grenoble R community will be about ggplot2. Drinks and snacks are served during the second part of the session.
  • Data Science Seminar Series : Radu Horaud from INRIA Grenoble
    on the October 12, 2017
    The Data Science Seminar Series bring high profile researchers to Université Grenoble Alpes to show the increasing role of data science in modern research. It is open to all researchers of Université Grenoble Alpes. For the first seminar, we will welcome Radu Horaud from INRIA Grenoble.
  • 1st R-in-Grenoble working session
    on the September 28, 2017
    The first working session of the Grenoble R community will be an introduction to R. Drinks and snacks are served during the second part of the session.
  • Data Institute Seminar: co-clustering through optimal transport by Charlotte Laclau (LIG)
    on the September 21, 2017
    A novel method for co-clustering will be presented : an unsupervised learning approach that aims at discovering homogeneous groups of data instances and features by grouping them simultaneously.
  • Call for projects - September 2017
    from September 18, 2017 to October 15, 2017
    The Grenoble Alpes Data Institute launches a call for 2-years research projects with applications of data sciences in Life Science or in Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences.
  • Data challenge on software and statistical methods for population genetics (SSMPG 2017)
    from September 11, 2017 to September 15, 2017
    The aim of the summer school is to provide a comprehensive overview on software and statistical methods for detecting genes involved in local adaptation. Lectures and software demos will be given during the summer school.
  • French speaking international conference on teaching statistics
    from September 6, 2017 to September 8, 2017
    The fifth edition of the conference « Colloque Francophone International sur l’Enseignement de la Statistique » will take place in Grenoble from 6 to 8 September 2017.
  • Meet-up event between Data scientists and domain scientists
    on the July 3, 2017
    On Monday July 3 from 09:00 to 14:00, come and meet scientists with complementary research topics
  • Workshop "Big Data, Societies and the Social Sciences"
    on the June 27, 2017
    This joint workshop will gather the short-listed authors of a coming special issue of the French Journal of Sociology / Revue française de sociologie ( The authors will be given the opportunity to have their paper discussed before the final selection by the journal this autumn.
  • Feedback on the Data Challenge "Epigenetic & High-Dimension Mediation"
    from June 7, 2017 to June 9, 2017
    From June 7 to 9, 30 researchers and students from all over Europe and from the USA contributed to the data challenge « Epigenetic & High-Dimension Mediation » in Aussois.
  • Data Challenge "Epigenetic & High-Dimension Mediation"
    from June 7, 2017 to June 9, 2017
    Progresses in high-throughput sequencing make it possible to study how epigenetic changes mediate the effect of environmental risk factors on diseases. Epigenetic changes are said to be mediators when they intervene in the causal pathway between environmental exposures and diseases.
  • Creation of Grenoble R users’ group
    on the May 24, 2017
    The Grenoble R users’ group is a local community interested in sharing experience and knowledge about the R language.
  • Open seminars about reproducible research
    from March 23, 2017 to March 30, 2017
    Arnaud Legrand (LIG) will start the open seminar series by giving a talk about reproducible research. Although reproducibility is one of the main principles of the scientific method, it has been shown that a substantial proportion of published research is not reproducible leading to the scientific 'crisis' of reproducibility.
  • Kickoff meeting of Grenoble Alpes Data Institute
    on the March 10, 2017
    The Grenoble Alpes data Institute was officially launched on March 10th. The kick-off meeting attracted more that 200 participants.
  • Three Grenoble Alpes Data Institute training projects granted
    On March 9, two Grenoble Alpes Data Institute training projects were selected within the first round of the IDEX training call amongst 65 proposals.
  • Démarre SHS! - Start social sciences and humanities
    Démarre SHS!”, a programme of the Data Institute Work Package 3 “Massive and Rich Data for Humanities” launches its first call for proposals.