6th R-in-Grenoble working session

on the March 28, 2019

March, 28, from 16:00 to 18:00
The sixth working session of the Grenoble R community will be about "Best coding practices". Drinks and snacks are served during the second part of the session.

Each month, the Grenoble R-group organizes one working session of 2 hours, on Thursdays, from 16h-18h, at the Imag building.

Everyone is welcome from beginners to advanced R users. Participants just need to bring their laptop. Presentations or tutorials will last 30 to 60 min, on R topics that can be useful to many people, with practical examples. During the second part of the session, specific problems encountered by participants when coding in R will be discussed.

Drinks and snacks will be shared during the second part of the session.


March 28, 2019: Best coding practices

    As nicely written by Hadley Wickham R guru, "Good coding style is like correct punctuation: you can manage without it, butitsuremakesthingseasiertoread." In this session, we will review good practices to write 1) R code and 2) R packages. In a first part, we will present some ideas of the tidyverse style guide (following http://style.tidyverse.org/) including the styler package (interactively restyle selected text) and the lintr package (automated style checks). The second part will be devoted to writing R packages, which is at the basis of reproducibility. We will learn how to use the Roxygen package to (quite automatically) turn personal code into reusable code (following http://r-pkgs.had.co.nz/). Make sure you have the latest versions of RStudio, styler, lintr, and Roxygen packages installed.

By M. Richard


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Published on March 20, 2019

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