Call for projects: 11 projects selected

on the November 27, 2017

The Grenoble Alpes Data Institute launched a call for 2-years research projects about data science applications in Life Science and in Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences. The projects below were selected.
Nicolas Le Bihan (GIPSA-lab) Signal processing and data science for probabilistic oceanography WP1
Mauro Dalla Mura (GIPSA-Lab) VOSICA : Volcanic Signals Classification WP1
Sylvain Douté (IPAG) Massive analysis of multi-angular hyperspectral images of the Mars planet by inverse regression of physical models. WP1
Maria Laura Delle Monache (Team NeCS, Inria Grenoble Rhône Alpes) DATASAFE: understanding Data Accidents for TrAffic SAFEty WP1
Hassen Fourati (GIPSA-Lab) NanoSatellite Project: Advanced modelling and Control of attitudE dynamics for quantum
Nicolas Tremblay (GIPSA-lab) Procedural memory: neuronal substrate, pathophysiology, modelisation and inference of involved networks WP2
Johanna Lepeule (IAB) Causal analysis in epigenetic epidemiology WP2
Laurent Guyon (BIG/BCI) Identification of relevant cancer prognostic biomarkers from clinical and gene expression databases WP2
Arnaud Seigneurin (TIMC-IMAG) Prostate cancer care trajectories WP2
Sébastien Bailly (HP2) Clustering patient trajectories and individual prediction of treatment compliance in sleep apnea from large national databases WP2
Sophie Abby (TIMC-IMAG)
Deciphering the origins of enzymes substrate specificity using large-scale sequence analyses

Published on December 8, 2017