Data Science Seminar Series: Christian Jutten

on the November 28, 2019

15:30 to 17:00
The Data Science Seminar Series bring high profile researchers to Université Grenoble Alpes to show the increasing role of data science in modern research. It is open to all researchers of Université Grenoble Alpes. For the 1st seminar of this year, we will welcome Christian Jutten from University Grenoble Alpes.
Christian Jutten, professor emeritus at University Grenoble Alpes, will give a talk on “Processing of multimodal data: Benefit or loss?”. The event will take place on Thursday 28 November at IM2AG building. The event will be followed by a coffee break.


C. Jutten
with S. Chlaily, P.-O. Amblard, O. Michel. 

Due to technology advances, multimodal recordings are currently very common, e.g. EEG/MEG/MRI for brain imaging, video and sound recordings for scene analysis or hyperspectral and LIDAR recordings for remote sensing. It is usually believed that such multimodal recordings lead to enhanced information and better estimation. However, what does it happen when the relationships between the modalities are not perfectly known? For answering this issue, we will consider a very simple and comprehensible example involving two modalities, each one associated to a Gaussian noisy information channel. We will analytically derive and discuss the - sometimes surprising - effects of the input prior mismatch and of the noise mismatch on mutual information and excess mean square error.

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Published on November 29, 2019

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Bâtiment IM2AG, building F, Amphi 18, campus universitaire de Grenoble