GREAT: Grenoble Alps Together

on the February 27, 2018

The GREAT project (GREnoble Alps Together) of the Grenoble Metropolitan authority with the participation of the Data Institute of University Grenoble Alps has been selected among 117 projects in the context of call for interest of the future investment program of French government.
This project aim into addressing challenges arising from cities congestion, pollution and climate change by leveraging the sharing economy in order to develop innovative usage in relation with citizens. Three main platforms will be developed by the GREAT project:

  • A digital platform, the crossdatatheque, that will aggregate all data harvested over the territory. It empowers businesses, public services and citizens to create secure new services processing these data that respect privacy.
  • A network of fablabs to provide citizens and entrepreneurs with creativity and prototyping tools
  • A civic lab that will regroup expertise in social and human sciences and computer science in order to ease the appropriation of digital economy by territories in concertation with citizens.

These platforms will concentrate first on mobility (shared car), energy (efficiency in industries and buildings, renewable energy development and smart grids) and health (empowering the citizen to act to its exposition to pollution).

More information:
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Published on February 27, 2018