Workshop: Transparency and opacity of information systems

on the April 23, 2018

From 8:15 to 18:30
The workshop "Transparency and opacity of information systems" will take place in Lyon on April 23. The Grenoble Alpes Data Institute is pleased to be involved in its organization.
Information and Communication Technologies are transforming society. Today many decisions made in everyday life are influenced by information from the Internet. The Internet and the gigantic mass of associated data, however, are perceived only through the prism of algorithms. Indeed, whether algorithms governing the behavior of search engines on the web or determining our routes, we tend not to question the results of these algorithms, despite the lack of information on their operation.

These algorithms are powered by a large amount of information that often includes personal data collected with or without the consent of the Internet user. The lack of transparency of these algorithms and the information they manipulate, combined with their ever more innovative use, are causing many public concerns. Their introspection and the question of the conformity of their execution in the face of ethics has become a major social issue. More generally, the user's increased understanding of the service offered to him is the issue at stake in this workshop.

This workshop aims to build a highly multidisciplinary and transversal community around the transparency and opacity of information systems. This workshop aims to unite the national actors working on this theme in order to strengthen the associated research activity.

Published on May 23, 2018

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Résidence Belambra "Villemanzy", Lyon
21 Montée Saint-Sébastien, 69001 Lyon