Data Institute Seminar: Antoine Frenoy

on the March 22, 2019

From 2:00 pm
Antoine Frenoy (Institut Pasteur) will give a talk on "Inferring ecological lifestyles of bacterial species from metagenomic datasets: application to horizontal transfer and virulence". The event will take place on March 22th from 2 pm in Pavillon Taillefer, room R32.

Molecular machineries involved in the generation of genetic diversity (eg mobile genetic elements) and in competitive and cooperative interactions (eg toxin production) are known to be key drivers of bacterial ecology and microevolution. However they are generally studied at ecological timescales within model species, and little is known about their role at the multi-species community scale and at macroevolution timescales. Here we combine genomic studies of these machineries with population genetics methods and metagenomic datasets, to investigate their role in bacterial evolution within natural biotic environments (complex microbial communities). The metagenomic data bring information about properties of the natural biotic environment of a species. More specifically, we explore how richness of the biotic environment may be associated with toxin production, and how horizontal gene transfer mediated by mobile genetic elements may be associated with the ability to thrive in a wide variety of environments.

Published on March 8, 2019

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Pavillon Taillefer - room R32
5 avenue du Grand Sablon, La Tronche