Data Science, Social Media and Social Sciences

Fostering research using social media as an observatory of society

Research conducted in this work package aims at developing original computational methods to gather, analyze and visualize online data and to promote a computational social science approach to social issues. We support research projects based on the extraction and analysis of large datasets from social networks where information, opinions, life experiences, career patterns and other social characteristics are shared by people. We also produce tools and methods to help researchers extract data from social media, reduce the complexity of the datasets produced, analyze and visualize the dynamic structure of social media, assess the reliability of social media as a source for the study of society. We finally organize seminars to gather participants regularly and invite keynote speakers to present their research.

WP’s coordination : Gilles Bastin (Pacte) & Eric Gaussier (LIG)
WP’s data scientist : Sophie Kuegler (Pacte)
Data collection coordination : Jean-Marc Francony (Pacte)

Involved persons

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Sophie Kuegler

In September 2017, Sophie Kuegler was recruited as an engineer for the processing and analysis of databases collected from the web and social networks




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