Academic Trajectories and Scientific Networks
The main goal of this project is to explore the contributions of a number of methodological advances to a better understanding of the structural logics of biographical trajectories. On the one hand, significant progress has been made in the analysis of social dynamics, especially with the development of social network analysis. On the other hand, the analysis of biographical trajectories has also seen considerable innovation, particularly with the importation of sequence analysis into the social sciences. But these advances have occurred separately: attempts to combine dynamic network analysis and sequence analysis continue to be almost entirely lacking.
Our project thus aims to develop methodological strategies to explore the contributions of the combination between the two methods. Empirically, research will be based on the analysis of the co-evolutions, over the last decades, of scientific networks and individual academic careers within several scientific communities: in France, research will focus on the emergence of the "wavelet" field, a mathematical tool developed at the intersection of mathematics and physics ; in Switzerland, it will focus on the relationships between academic careers and scientific networks in chemistry, biology and life sciences. By focusing research on a relatively small number of areas, we aim at first testing data collection and matching techniques, and techniques for linking data analysis methods, before applying them to larger disciplinary, chronological and international samples, and thus to larger volumes of data.

Published on September 19, 2018