Focus on... Mathias Becuywe, Stéphanie Beltran Gautron and the AI Regulation

on the January 14, 2021

Mathias Becuywe and Stéphanie Beltran Gautron were hired in September 2019 by the Grenoble Alpes Data Institute to work on E-evidence, international data transfers and on data protection and the GDPR within the framework of the development of AI. They contributed to the creation of the website.
Mathias Becuywe and Stéphanie Beltran Gautron are working on different projects related to data protection, data governance and regulation of AI. They act as research assistants on projects related to international data transfers and access to digital evidence and more generally on data protection issues in relation with law enforcement agents’ activities.

Mathias Becuywe and Stéphanie Beltran Gautron are also working actively on issues related to the regulation of artificial intelligence and have been associated to the preparation and the launch of the website in February 2020.

Théodore Christakis, the co-director of the Grenoble Alpes Data Institute, holds the chair « Legal and regulatory implications of artificial intelligence » in the Multidisciplinary Institute in Artificial Intelligence of Grenoble (MIAI). Karine Bannelier and Claude Castelluccia co-headers of our WP5 are also members of the chair’s executive board. The decision has been taken to create a website centralizing the information on the legal and regulatory questions raised by artificial intelligence and providing a forum for the publication of studies and articles on these issues. The aim of this website is to become a focal point of reference for legal information about AI regulation in Europe and worldwide. It brings news and articles divided in 8 topics :
•    AI gouvernance and regulation
•    Facial recognition
•    Virtual assistants and chatbots
•    Smart cities, smart homes, IoTs
•    Data manipulation, AI and democracy
•    Health, humans and AI
•    Connected and autonomous vehicles
•    AI, national and international security

News are short articles that refer to current affairs or events and give an overview of factual information. Articles are longer and provide a substantive analysis of different issues.
Mathias Becuywe and Stéphanie Beltran Gautron are contributing to these activities in parallel with other members of this project. External contributors can also publish with The website has already hosted, for instance, contributions by  Claude Kirchner, president of the French National Committee for Digital Ethics and Henri Verdier, ambassador for digital affairs for the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.

Mathias Becuywe and Stéphanie Beltran Gautron are very motivated to feed this website and develop it. They are currently working on a new way to present data about AI regulation – through especially a mapping and data sets about regulatory developments worldwide, case law, etc. This new tool should broaden the site's audience beyond the legal experts.

Visite the AI-regulation website :

Published on January 14, 2021