Focus on... Sylvain Hatier and the Cross-disciplinary Scientific Lexicon

on the July 15, 2020

Sylvain Hatier was recruited by the Grenoble Alpes Data Institute as a web developer in the framework of the WP3 Massive and Rich Data for Humanities. He is involved in several research projects, especially one on the cross-disciplinary scientific lexicon.
The Grenoble Alpes Data Institute, throught the Démarre SHS! project, funded a project on the visualisation of a scientific lexicon in human sciences directed by Agnès Tutin (Lidilem). This project aims to enhance the work initiate by Sylvain Hatier during his thesis.

In the framework of the ANR project TermITH, Hoal Tran built a cross-disciplinary adverbs lexicon about science in 2014. It was completed by Sylvain Hatier during his thesis in 2016. He used a corpus of 500 scientific articles in human sciences from reference journals (50 articles of 10 disciplines). The lexicon brought together words or group of words about science and not on a specific field, ie not terminology. In the lexicon, we can find words such as “hypothesis”, “analyze”, “results”, but also expressions like “to conclude”, “point of view” or “take into account”. It shows the vocabulary used in human sciences for the argumentation and the reasoning.

These data can be very useful for teachers, to help students improving their writing for their dissertations or thesis. For example, during trainings organized by doctoral schools. It can also be used by linguists or researchers in automatic processing of languages. However, it has never been enhance so far.

Agnès Tutin, head of the project, laments the lack of human ressources to maintain data and highlight it. Regarding her, each laboratory should have an engineer in charge of it as a permanent staff. It is Sylvain Hatier’s goal regarding the cross-disciplinary scientific lexicon project.

He is now developing the website to distribute the database:
Several persons worked on this database:  Sylvain Hatier, Agnès Tutin, Marie-Paule Jacques, Evelyne Jacquey, Laurence Kister, Magda Augustyn, Hoai Tran, Rui Yan, Tiphaine Mout and Arnaud Bey. It shows the words by their frequency of use and give a lot of information about them: definition, examples of use, semantic and collocational features, frequency by discipline, etc. The research team is working on the explanation to guide the visitors on the plateform.

The next step will be to improve the ergonomics. A PhD student will work on it from september. She will investigate on the ergonomics by questionning teachers in French as a foreign langugage.

Database website:

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Published on July 15, 2020