Focus on... the transcription of Benoîte Groult's lectures

on the October 15, 2020

Elisabeth Greslou from Elan team (Litt&Arts, UGA/CNRS) and Cécile Meynard from CRIPaLL (University of Angers) are working on the preservation and heritage of Benoîte Groult’s lectures. Their work is supported by the Grenoble Alpes Data Institute as part of the Démarre SHS! project (WP3).
The University of Angers holds an archive center about feminism. Manuscripts such as “Mon évasion” by Benoîte Groult are kept there. The feminist author wrote her autobiography “Mon évasion” from the rewriting of “Histoire d'une évasion”.

Cécile Meynard (CRIPaLL, University of Angers) organized a first “numérithon” at the library to digitize Benoîte Groult’s lectures. During this event, Master students in information, communication and library sciences scanned Benoite Groult’s manuscripts. It represents a corpus of 624 pages.

This corpus was used as a test case for the development of the TACT platform. TACT is a web platform for collaborative transcription and annotation for SSH data. Arnaud Bey, Anne Garcia-Fernandez, Elisabeth Greslou (ELAN/Litt&Arts), Patrick Guillou, Sylvain Hatier, Célia Marion (Démarre SHS!) and Thomas Lebarbé (Litt&Arts/Démarre SHS!) participated in its development.

The aim was to propose an easy and interesting corpus to be transcript by online communities. Transcribers are invited to transcribe and annotate the document with XML TEI tags (titles, notes, color codes, additions and deletions, etc.) allowing a data enrichment. Transcriptions are then check twice before their final validation.

The TACT platform was tested twice in 2019. Thanks to the funding, the research team organized a “transcripthon” in January in Angers and a second one in March in Grenoble. Around forty persons participated (students, lecturers, platform experts, etc.).

It gave the team a clear picture of how to improve the platform, particularly in terms of ergonomics features and accompanying manual. The platform was official launched on June 4th, 2019, during the Global Challenges Science Week.

There are still pages of Benoîte Groult’s manuscript to transcript (80%). Cécile Meynard and Elisabeth Greslou will solicit feminism associations and research centers to continue the transcription. But everybody that may be interested in this project can participate here:

The next step of the project will be to create a website to present the results.

Find the project on the TACT platform:

Published on October 15, 2020