Workshop "Algorithms in black box"

on the October 10, 2019

The Grenoble Alpes Data Institute supports « Algorithms in black box ». This workshop will offer an inventory and reaction to a massive exposure to algorithmic decisions. The event will take place in Lyon on October 10, 2019.

Information and communication technologies are transforming society. Algorithms are at the heart of all the attention: fundamental industrial objects for companies, they are often perceived as "black boxes" by the users confronted with their decisions. This observation is only amplified by the continuous deployment of machine-based learning solutions, whose latest technical advances (deep neural networks) provide decisions that are inexplicable by construction.

The objective of this workshop is to question these black boxes, their nature, their design, and more generally their impact on their users and society. The multidisciplinary and transversal aim of the workshop will try, for example, to treat topics such as:

  • Algorithm processing biases, and ways to quantify this bias?
  • The implementability of the notion of common good?
  • What tools and what metrics for a citizen audit algorithms?
  • What responsibility for designers of opaque algorithms?
  • The means for the user to observe and apprehend the results of the algorithms in black box to build an understanding.
  • The evolution of society in the face of the growing number of black boxes with automatic decision-making, and the lack of explanations of decisions.
  • What notions of ethics in the current development of these black boxes? Are they sufficient and satisfactory?
  • The treatment of users' personal data, the notion of consent and that of understanding. How to exercise critical control over the processing of our critical data?
Published on June 25, 2019